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Hey :)

Hey everyone! My name is Heather & I just started on Runetotem pretty recently. I'm currently playing a Draenei Mage (Lvl 24). Her name is Kelliena, so feel free to say hi! I'm working on getting rep with Darnassus so that I can get a kitty :)


Just discovered this community. I play a level 70 feral druid on Runetotem. My husband and I both play, he plays a level 70 BM Hunter. We are currently in different guilds because he has become Kara ready and has gone to a guild that runs Kara and clears it on a regular basis. I am still working on gearing up for Kara. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi.
Content Strike
The LJ Content Strike
Common Interest - Beliefs & Causes
"We are holding the Content Strike because we want to demonstrate that LiveJournal is content-driven.

We are holding the Content Strike because we want the new owners of LiveJournal to better understand the power and resolve of the LJ Community of Users.

We are holding the Content Strike because all of us, Paid, Permanent and Plus users as well as Basic, want to demonstrate our solidarity as a Community of Users. We do not consider Basic users to be freeloaders, we consider them to be valuable content-providers and Friends.

We are holding the Content Strike because we ache to do something to show our displeasure, and commenting on the news post -- even with cat macros -- just isn't powerful enough!
Email and snail-mail will be sent to SUP stating that the strike has four terms:

1. Restore basic accounts for new account creation.

2. Inform users before any change to the site that affects how we use the site or demands on our resources.

3. Run change proposals by the Advisory Board and take their advice into account before implementation of any change.

4. Homophobia, misogyny, and racism must not be a part of the decision making processes about appropriate content of the site, including what user interests are deemed appropriate.


All information is credited to the lovely beckyzoole on LiveJourna. Many thanks for everything she's done to organize this strike. More information can be found on her journal here: http://beckyzoole.livejournal.com/

during this time i will not be allowing comments. i will re-enable saturday, that you for your understanding

warlock stuff

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Wow ladies
well, good news is james finally updated. Didn't know if anyone knew that james had redone the 'james alliance leveling guide' horde side too. And going up to 70.
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thanks for reading the long rambling post.

undercity is nice for a visit

went there today to check out the elder. also hit crossroads and razor hill. had to meet elder runetotem.
didn't know there was an elder dreamseer. was very jazzed about that. in the first game i played (underlight) my class was dreamseer. zug zug meant i needed to blast someone. isn't odd how stuff carries over from different games?
zug means train in german(from what i looked up..pls correct me if i'm wrong) so when pulling trains of mobs thru lineage2...we would yell zug zug. the chinese learned what that meant really quick. :)
that is all for now
i get my new palm pilot tomorrow praying the gov doesn't mess up..so you'll all be seeing alot more posts coming. (and it has a mp3 player in it..woot)


stealth ftw

patch day

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so i'm kinda worried what i will walk into when i get home. both computers updated without any sort of issue. even the 'your computer appears to be behind a firewall' one didn't slow it up.....
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i updated most of my mods between ace updater and gatherer(i hope....)
my bf's pvp ones.....ug, hopefully he'll do most of them.
might go ahead and try out bartender 3 again. i'm really not loving the bongos. i like the cycircled. so i have to have something that will play nice with that.
also since it will be a cold day in hell before i raid again(rogue) i went ahead and removed the ctraid from my addons. only left the mail mod. (i love that mod)
and does anyone know about the move anything mod?
like i said i'm currently unhappy with my setup. and looking to change. and since i know the patch will break everything....

i am quite happy about liv being able to learn fear ward. i had started a draeni priest, but she's sitting at 18...sooooo
she won't do much good to bf's lvl 70 warrior
and he got his mage to 69 last night.
that's it for now. sorry for the long rambing post, but it's me...


well, today i spent screwing with bongos..
having problems with the priests shadowform and stance being doubled. hateful mod. just hateful.have the same problem with my rogue. it's really beginning to annoy me. i wish i could hit shadowform/stealth and it do like blizz's.
suggestions anyone?
i briefly tried the bartender3, don't like bars going up the side..is there anyway to change that?


marzera is now...

18, time to post her in wsg for the rewards. so anyone on horde side, i'll be there tonight ahealing my little heart out and ignoring the buttheads...(lvl 18??!!! ohmigod..must be 19 to be here..blah blah blah)


update time

okay, marzera is now 17, jarra is 19...wsg with her. :) want those pvp rewards.
liv is 62
got marzera the wild wolpinger thingie, he's such a cutie.
so if anyone is on in the mornings or late evenings..hollar at me :)
okay, so let's see if i can do anything with my poor little community.

we all 70 now? good.
those of you that aren't...get on it!(like you haven't heard that before...lol)

also the proud owner of a lvl 15 be warlock Jarra and my lovely priest Marzera..also 15.
anywhere nicer than the barrens to lvl at?
sorry, most of my girls are ne's...so i'm a little spoiled scenery wise.

so what's new with you guys?

how's brewfest going for you?